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Wet Floor Sign

While it’s not the most exciting purchase to make, every member of your janitorial team needs to be able to access a wet floor sign or two. It’s a matter of safety for your staff and for your customers. That means all of your facilities will need them, maybe even in abundance. We make it easy by selling this product in a 6-pack. So not only is this product durable and thoughtfully designed, it’s also an excellent value for the money.

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This essential piece of equipment should be a staple in all of your janitorial team members’ kits. We also recommend stocking a few additional wet floor signs because it’s best to be prepared, especially when it comes to safety. While routine mopping will make it necessary for each of your teams to have plenty of signs, you never know when an accident will happen. Be ready by having a few additional signs on hand.

Did you know that across all industries, slip and falls are the second most common form of injury? They actually cause workers to miss, on average, a staggering 38 days per year. They also account for 36% of all emergency room visits. Don’t let your facility be a part of these astonishing statistics! These incidents are not just upsetting and a hassle to the individual who has fallen, they can also be disastrous to the company who’s in charge of the facility. Don’t risk a large lawsuit that could cause serious trouble for the facility. Take your staff’s, and your customers’, safety seriously by stocking your buildings with this wet floor sign—and ensure that your teams know when to use it.

The intuitive A-frame design easily opens up to create a tall and sturdy visual aid for your teams to display when the floors are wet. Its design also allows the sign to fold up flat, making it super easy to stow away when it’s not in use. And since it weighs in at a mere 10 pounds, this wet floor sign won’t be weighing your team’s kits down while they’re on the move for their routine cleans. And when storage space is at a premium, size is an especially important factor in finding the best signs for your facilities.

Language is no barrier for this product. With both English and Spanish printed on both sides of this sign, you know you are doing your utmost to keep people in your facilities safe and aware of slick flooring. Regardless of the wording, this 26” tall sign is also branded with the universal triangle warning symbol, with a slipping figure inside, to ensure no one is left second guessing what the sign is for. It is made of a highly durable, highly visible, yellow plastic that is sure to draw attention to anyone in the area, letting them know they need to exercise caution.

Wet Floor Sign is sold 6 per case.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 13 × 26 in


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