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Selecting A Vendor Correctly

Often, I am asked for advice on how to determine if a prospective vendor can deliver as promised.

Here is my normal answer.

Step 1
Only accept references of customers who have not had to strip floors for at least six years.

Step 2
Ask the references the following:

  • Do baseboards need special washing?
  • Is there airborne dust after burnishing?
  • Do you have restroom or shower odors?
  • Do wet mops need machine washing?
  • Do kitchen floors need special scrubbing?
  • Do they recommend using a disinfectant detergent in a soil-removing washing solution?

A “Yes” answer to any of the questions should disqualify the prospective vendor.

Gabriel is a TQH-Certified Vendor who guarantees housekeeping excellence as advertised or 100% of your Starter Kit costs will be refunded.

The steps for launching a Gabriel TQH-Certified Housekeeping System:

  1. Art of Cleaning
  2. “Wet Look” Floors
  3. Carpet Deep Cleaning

Training and technical support services are free. A Gabriel TQH-Certified Advisor will help you:

  • Achieve outstanding results.
  • Cut chemical consumption up to 70%.
  • Cut chemical costs up to 50% or more.
  • As much as double staff productivity.

Focus on achieving custodial excellence for up to half your present cost by using high-performance products and professional guidance. The results will become your teams prime motivator.

Thank you for allowing me this visit.