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Wet Mops Make or Break Custodial Programs

Learn the Facts or Waste Money

Total detergent performance is a must. When soil does not get fully penetrated, emulsified, encapsulated, and moved away from the surface being cleaned, germ-laden soil will be left behind to help to collect new soil. A residue of fat, oil, and/or grease can become a major slip-hazard.

When a floor is washed using a wet mop, the mop MUST excel at:

  1. Absorption
  2. Discharge
  3. Wash Action
  4. Strand Strength
  5. Overall Durability

The wet mop is instrumental in evenly spreading and thoroughly recovering the washing solution. A third leg in the process is the mop wringer. The wringer must be able to squeeze out maximum liquid using minimal arm pressure.

Therefore, in order to have successful mopping results, both the detergent and the mop must be of the highest quality. Add a conscientious custodian and an efficient gear-driven wringer, and you will have the cleanest results ever for the lowest labor and material cost.

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We will help you correct housekeeping problems. Utmost success is realized when the initial focus is keyed on proper cleaning practices.

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